thread: pregnancy symptoms in case of multiple pregnancy

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    Aug 2003
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    pregnancy symptoms in case of multiple pregnancy


    Can anyone tell me how symptoms vary in the case of First trimester and multiple pregnancy?

    I am 7 weeks 2 days and have been told I am expecting twins?

    What do I expect

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    Jul 2004

    Hi! Congratz on expecting twins!

    I havent had twins myself but have heard you can expect morning sickness to be twice as bad. (you probably didnt want to know that!)

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    Oct 2004
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    I too am expecting twins. As with a single pregnancy, I think all symptoms can vary. I have not vomited for this entire pg. From 6-13 weeks it just felt like I had a constant hangover, headaches, nausea etc. But no vomiting. The rest of the pg really has been quite good (touch wood), no problems really at all. I get the occasional back ache now and indegestion, but really I can not complain.

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    Mar 2005

    Congratulations on the twins! How exciting.

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    Feb 2005
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    congratulations on having twins kaety!!! =D>

    hope you dont suffer too much, i think everyone really is different though.

    all the best,


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    May 2004

    Congrats on your twins!

    Hmmm Tam said, it varies. But, I felt a lot sicker this time around, although never actually throwing up. My belly popped out weeks ago, I have been up and down to the loo in the middle of the night, most times going 3 times. And the heartburn has been visiting a lot earlier as well. Thats about it, I don't think there has been any *major* differences between this pg and the last one.