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Thread: Private or Public for Twins??

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    Hi guys, my name is Mel and im 16w6d preg with twins (yippee!!!). We have just moved from Syd to Perth and back to Syd for DH's work all within 2 months. I now cant get into my FS because all the PH are booked out, and am going through the Women's Hospital at Randwick. I just wondered if anyone has gone public with their twins and how they found their care??? I have got a good GP and he has given me the name of another private ob but im just not sure what to do?? I have my next appt with dr clinic at hosp next week, but just worried about babies health and whether the care i will get will be as good if i went private????
    Thanks for any tips....

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    Hi Mel,
    My twins were born in the public sytem at King Edward in Perth, we were flown by royal flying doctors 400km from perth at 33 weeks 4 days and my twins were taken care of beautifuly the staff were great, I'm not sure if the care would have been any better had we have gone private, we stayed there for 8 days before they transfered us back home to our home town hospital where we stayed for another 4 days untill the bubbas had put on enough wieght.
    Good luck with your decision as long as you feel comfortable im sure every thing will be fine.
    I know it can get a bit daunting sometimes when we are told all the scary things about having twins but its not all that bad just take time to organise your self and remember to look after yourself.

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    You've moved back, already! Sorry, so off topic, I know. Wow!

    Hey, good luck Mel. Can't wait for you and DH to have both of them in your arms

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    I think you'll be perfectly fine going public, especially if the bubs come early or need anytime in special care they are usually transfered to a large public hospital anyway.

    I had mine at a public hospital and my boys both had to spend time in special care,some of the really sick or premature bubs were sent to this hospital from other smaller or private ones as they didn't have the equipment to care for them.

    The only thing I found with public care was not always seeing the same OB for your pregnancy check ups and not knowing who will deliver the bubs.
    That wasn't an issue for me though and I will go public again..

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