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    Talking Same clothes

    What do ppl think about dressing twins in the same clothes?? I think it is wrong, because each baby has their own personalitiy and that should be shown off.

    Plz tell me what you think on this topic.


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    I think it probably doesn't matter until they are old enough to decide for themselves. I suppose you get some 'cute' factor when they are really little from dressing them alike, but after a certain point, their individual personalities will start to blossom. Having said this, there are families where same sex singletons are dressed alike, except for the colour. (Eg Sally likes blue so always has the blue dress, but Jane likes pink so always has the pink one). Personally I suspect grandma's are the culprits here.... Each to their own, I guess!

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    My mum had a thing about dressing my sister and me the same (we're not twins) - we're completely different people but she'd still have us in identical outfits for family parties and photographs! My sister loved it when we were little.

    I'd rather do the personality thing ASAP: it's easier to tell them apart that way too!

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    I like the idea of dressing them different because they are each unique, but I cant see the harm in it while they are young, or obviously if they want to when they are old enough to decide for themselves.

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    I always dressed my girls alike when they were little. One in Pink and the other in purple. You say you won't do it but it is so much easier to buy two of the same when they are little.
    Now they are ten, they have totally different styles and dress nothing alike. They are individuals with individual tastes, despite a mother who dressed them the same

    With Ivy and Noah, I dress them totally different. People still ask all the same twinny type questions regardless - matching clothes or not, they will always be linked together as twins.

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    I loved getting matching outfits for the girls. I was so wrapped when I could find 3 of the same be terrible with twins!!!!


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    I say - each to their own...We have Boy-Girl twins so they cant be dressed exactly the same as such...
    I like to have them dressed similarly - If hayden has short and a T-shirt so does Brooklen just in a girls style etc...If Brooklen is wearing a Dress Hayden certainly doesnt and he wears something different

    When they were tiny babies, we dressed them in yellow ,white and green everything and most of the time it was easier to get out two jumpsuits IYKWIM

    I am sure kids will let us know what they want as they get older - until then its a Parents choice...They can only look back on pics and tell us off when they are older LOL

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    I also have a boy and a girl and like to dress them similarly whenever I can.

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