thread: Separate clothes for same sex twins?

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    Jun 2009

    Separate clothes for same sex twins?

    Just wondering is parents of same sex twins had separate clothes for each bub or just one heap which you used as needed?

    I realise as they get older, things will change (tastes/sizes) and they will certainly have their own clothes but I guess I am asking this as newborns?
    So far I have made separate piles for each bub, I really do appear to have an active kicker in Twin A and a more placid, calm bub in Twin 2 so I've sorted the clothes accordingly.
    I am intending to use all-in-ones/wondersuits for the early days so I've put the 'brighter', more lively patterned clothes in one draw for Twin 1 and the pastel, "calm" coloured clothes in another draw for Twin 2.
    We have already picked names so I plan to get some iron on name labels made up and will iron the labels onto the clothes so if people are visiting/helping and ask if they can do anything for me, any random person can fold and pack away the washing for me - too organised?

    Oh, my twins are fraternal so I don't think I will need to worry too much about confusing people by dressing them the same as they should look similar but different.

    Wraps/blankets/cot sheets/bibs will be a free-for-all.

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    Mar 2011

    I'm an identical twin and I know we had separate clothes - but as typical back some 25 years ago - my sister and I were dressed in the same outfit but different colours lol! Looking back on photos now it does make it easier to tell us apart in photos cuz I was always the one in purples etc and my sister was always in the yellow tones lol (not that u will have this problem!)

    I think just do what u want - I think I'd be way more unorganized and prob end up with loads and loads of washing and probably clothes from one twin only left and they would have to start "borrowing" from the sibling! Although if my sister and I are anything to go by we are still doing that so good practice!!

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    Oct 2007

    Separate clothes for same sex twins?

    My friend has twin girls -fraternal - and she has never dressed them the same. When they were small babies they shared clothes just nothing the same. So no names, same drawers. Now they are older one twin is quite larger than the other so they have their own drawer just to make it easier. Maybe consider what you would do if one needed bigger/smaller than the other.

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    I think it sounds like it could work in theory (although I personally wouldn't bother) separate clothes may become an issue for you when one baby has spewed through all their outfits and you may need to use the other baby's clothes. I'd just let them both wear the same clothes, way less hassle with two little babies IMO, you'll have so much more to worry about

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    Oct 2007
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    It sounds too organised for me, but if it works for you - go for it!

    i have put my 2 y.o. dd's singlet on my 4 m.o. son so i am probably not the right person to comment.

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    Nov 2009
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    my twins were not same sex, but I had a heap of unisex clothes that they just shared. Now my kids are older my boytwin and DS2 (2 years older) are approximately the same size so they share a lot of clothes too. First up, best dressed It's nice to have some outfits that are special for an individual child though, more so as they grow older and gain a sense of ownership. Your plan sounds too organised for me but it is a lovely idea and if it works for you from newborn then that's all you need to worry about

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    in a super happy place!

    We did a similar thing to what you are planning, although without the name tags. That would be far too organised for me C - our oldest, more outgoing twin wore the darker coloured jumpsuits, like the hot pinks and dark purples etc, and M - our placid little muffin wore the pale colours. It always worked very well for us and because they are super identical, it helped others to tell them apart. It did backfire on occasions - they were both power spewers so one would often end up in the others clothes and confuse people. I also tend to put it away in the draw in pairs, or on the hangers. Makes it quicker to grab stuff out.

    Singlets, socks etc are a free for all. Like HotI, DH also got singlet confusion but it was DD's singlet on our 4 year old lol. Was rather a tight squeeze!

    Now that they are older, I have kept to the darker/light colour idea and I must admit to dressing them identically, even though I swore I never would. A twin mumma friend gave us a huge bag of stuff from her girls and it was all matching. It is just too cute to resist.

    I have heard of people dressing their twins in a particular colour. My health nurse dressed one son in red tops, the other in blue but I couldn't stick to one colour. DS's kindy teacher mentioned that if they go to that kinder and remain as identical as they are, we may need to think of a little system for the kids to tell them apart but it's years before I need to think about that

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    I don't have twins but I think I'd be inclined to just pool the clothes when they're little. And me being me... the clothes would spend most of their time in a washing pile, so would hardly ever be put away to worry about what goes where

    And just as a side point.. those iron on labels do NOT come off LOL. Which is a pain for selling/hand-me-downs. We received hand-me-downs with those labels, and needless to say, if we lose those clothes (school clothes) the original owner will get the phonecall! Unless someone knows a knack for peeling them off?

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    Dec 2011

    I'm expecting identical girls and have told everyone I won't dress them the same. However, I keep buying two of the same thing in the same colours - or similar colours. Or two of the same outfit in the same colour with different patterns - admittedly I have only done this in newborn sizes and 000....

    I like the idea of the labels - but agree with the other ladies, when I'm tired and I'm pulling clothes out of washing baskets and draws - I won't care whose is what and it will be whatever is clean and within arms reach that gets put on the babies

    I like the different colour per baby idea though! I just couldn't pick colours before seeing them (weird given they are going to be identical) - my biggest fear is that they will be dramatically different sizes and that I will have nothing that fits when they are born or nothing for the smaller one anyway.

    Great point re the iron on labels not being removable!!

    Good luck.

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    Jun 2009

    Thanks everyone.

    I had wondered about the spew issue and if one twin had used/soiled all her clothes I'd have to resort to dressing 'Lexie' in 'Mae's' clothes. But I don't think that would be a huge issue, it'd only be an interim thing on a bad day ... people tell me I'll be washing non-stop anyway.

    Lexie is our lively twin and Mae is our calm, chillaxed twin (or that's the plan).
    So far I've sorted Lexie to have all the bold colours (hot pink, red, anything with stripes) and Mae to have the pastels (pale blue, lilac, mint green and softer prints).
    I know it sounds stupidly and probably wishfully organised to have the clothes set up so rigidly. I am an OTT organised person so maybe it's just a psychological thing where I am trying to convince myself that I can have a toddler, twins and still be organised. I give my system 2 washes and it will be utter chaos and I may end up dressing the twins in my toddler's tracksuits.
    Mainly trying the separate colours to stop the 'Which twin am I holding' questions. While my girls are not ID, for a while they will both just look like newborns and I can just tell the constant questions regarding 'Who is who' will drive me batty. Guess I can't help it though.

    Good point about the non-removable labels, I plan to just pass on or donate all our clothes after the twins grow out of them - we have a gorgeous DD who is 2 and the twins will now complete our family. It's a shame to have non-removable labels on clothes that I plan to pass on to friends but the labels will be ironed on the inside so no one would see them when dressed on another little girl? No phone numbers, just names.
    Maybe I will just iron the labels on the 'good stuff' (dressy clothes I want to keep separated for each bub) and not worry with the day to day wondersuits etc.

    I must admit, I have an obscene amount of girls clothes. I had a lot from having DD - and back then everyone commented 'Gosh you have so many clothes'. I think now that perhaps subconsciously I knew I was going to have twins one day as I've really not had to buy a great deal of other clothes to accommodate for twins. It's been creepily insane as I've unpacked all of DD's baby clothes - the number of times I purchased the same top but in a pink and then a purple.
    I have bought a few outfits the same but in different colours for the twins; I just hope they are in the same size at the same time.

    Keep the opinions and ideas coming ...

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    Jan 2010

    I don't have twins, but I will freely admit that if I did I would happily dress them in identical outfits until such time as they chose to dress differently!

    My DD1 is 9 and DD2 is 18 months. If I can dress them the same (it's rare to find matching outfits in such different sizes) I do! And they love it...!!

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    Jan 2010

    If it were me I would probably just have a shared wardrobe of clothes whilst they were newborns. There may be some outfits the same in there, which I may or may not choose to dress them in at the same time, but there may also be 'one off' outfits too. For me, in that newborn craziness stage, just being able to pick up anything and put it on the baby without wondering who's it is would be easier for me. I think that as they got older and weren't going through as many outfits, I would probably start buying them their 'own' outfits. That being said, I can see how colour coding their outfits could make telling them apart much easier so I can see why you're thinking of doing it!

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    Nov 2007
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    My twin boys have a heap of clothes, but I always designated clothes that are Liam's and clothes that are Rhys'. I always thought that if they were singletons they would have their own clothes so just because they are a twin why should it be any different

    I decided early that my boys would have a specific colour scheme applicable to them, Liam wears Red and Blue and Rhys Green and Blue. So if Liam is wearing a red outfit then Rhys have will either wear Green or Blue, and if Rhys is wearing Green Liam will wear Red or Blue. If either of them is wearing Blue then I won't dress the other in blue that day.

    Saying that they do generally have the same pants (I have doubles of the exact same things) but they will wear different tops. I like to dress the boys similar or matching but not in the exact same clothes. They do have probably 4 or 5 outfits which are exactly the same style and design, just that 1 is a red top and the other is a blue top.

    My boys are fraternal and there is no mistaking the difference between them, but people who don't see them much then relate to the colours they are wearing. I will always say to people... Liam is wearing the Red top and Rhys the Blue. I find it helps so that people don't feel they are not remem bering who is who.

    But socks and singlets all get mixed in together and shared around, but everything else is either Liam or Rhys'.

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    Jan 2012

    One of my good friends is about to have non-identical twin girls and we were just talking about this the other day, she just bought a basket to put on top of the dresser to chuck all of the wondersuits ect in for the nb period, on the basis that as long as she could find clean clothes for them and her DH knows exactly were to go for something clean/dry/right size then thats all that mattered and identifying/folding/putting away laundry would be waaaay down the list .