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    Is it worth it to get a sling or something similar when you are expecting two? What have other twin mums and mums to be done?

    I used a baby bjorn carrier with Jack and found it brillian and was thinging of trying the hug a bub this time around, however I don't want to waste any money if it just isn't worth it with two.

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    hi there Jojo
    I had a baby bjorn with my twins, although it didn't get used much, it was still handy. You can actually carry two babes with a sling.

    First you put one babe in the sling and then turn the sling to the side. You then carry the other one just in your arms!!

    It was also handy if i just had to take one of them somewhere, or one was unsettled.

    Also if you are game, they do make a double sling, but don't know how much you would use it. Some multiple birth clubs hire them out or you can buy them on line. Otherwise try your multiple birth club for anyone selling a baby bjorn second hand. I am about to sell my one, but don't know how far away you are. I am in North East Suburbs of Melb

    Hope this helps and keep firing away with the questions - lolol

    take care
    mum to ariel and Immogen - 5/12/2002

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