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    Just wondering what those of you in my situation can suggest. My DH works long hours, 10-12hrs a day, 6 days a week. Gemma and Teagan are only 4.5mths old, but I really want to start swimming lessons when they are 6mths old. I don't have anyone else who can come with me. What do some of you do in this situation?

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    Hi Briony,

    I have a husband who doesn't like to go to the swimming pool. I haven't done swimming lessons yet, but I took them to the pool one at the time. I took Sarah while DH was looking after Samuel at home. And I did the same with Samuel the next day. That's the easiest way I found to go to the pool.

    But, then again, you would have to find somebody to look after one of them while you take the other one swimming. I gues my idea wouldn't work for you. I hope you'll get advice from somebody else.

    Talk to you soon

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    I take my children swimming at the YMCA. They have a creche there, so I have 1 twin in the creche while I go swimming with the other. My 2 have back to back classes.

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    My Twin Boys started swimming lessons when they were 6mths old and they are now 20mths and absolutley love it. You will find that some instructors will help you or the swim school will have someone to help.

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    The back to back classes sound fantastic. I'll investigate the lessons in my area. Thanks for the advice.

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    My name is Nicky and my two are now three and we have been swimming since 6months
    If you do a semi private lesson the instructor can take one and you can take one or for a while I had a friend from hospital who had a son the same age and we all did a class together and we would just swap babies. My two still have their private lesson and one is in a class on Wed and the other is at Kindy and we alternate week about. They just love swimming. Hope you find something.


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    Thanks Nicky. A private lesson sounds great as well. I have only a couple of weeks to sort something out. I'm sure the local pools would have something in place.

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