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Thread: symptoms of twin pregnancy???????

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    Default symptoms of twin pregnancy???????

    Hi I have just found out that I am pregnant. I am about 14-18days post ovulation. I have been feeling really nauseus, tired, dizzy spells, and sore boobs and cramping basically since we concieved. I was just wondering how you felt when you were preg with twins. When I lay on my stomach to go to sleep it already feels like I'm laying on a small stone. I didnt get this until at least 10 weeks with my first preg. I dont know whether I am feeling things more because it is not my first preg and I know what to expect or not. Another reason twins are on my mind is because this is a clomid baby, so the possibility is there. I ring my obgyn tommorrow to find out about scans etc, I dont know if it is too early yet or not. So basically I'm just wondering what kind of feelings you all had before you found out you were carrying twins and how early you found out?

    Many Thanks


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    Hi there,

    We sort have knew as my HCG levels were very high, although it is not a true indication. It's also an IVF pg and we transferred two embryos so there was always the possibility.

    With regards to symptoms, from memory they were about the same as for my last pg which was a singleton. Perhaps a little more nausea and definantly more nighttime toilet trips.

    We also found out at around 7 wks at our early scan. Good luck with it all.

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    I had no symptoms to tell me I had a twin pregnancy, in fact I had very little in the way of symptoms until I hit 7 weeks even my HCG levels were extremely low.

    With both pregnancies I couldn`t sleep on my tummy from early on as it was far too uncomfortable as you say felt like a rock.

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    I was more tired & nauseous in the 1st trimester of my twins pg than with the others.

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    Thanks guys, so basically the only way is a scan. I thought so as each and every pregnacy is different, maybe its a boy. My obgyn is happy to wait until feb 1st to see me and then she said she will order scans then. The wait feels like so long, i just long to see the little heartbeat to know that everything is going well and there is a little baby inside. Anyway thanks for replying, I will get back to you after my first scan to let you know if it is more than one or not.


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    Hi just thought I'd all update you and let you know the results of my scan. It looks like there is only one in there. I am hoping and praying this is so as there is a slim possibility that I have an ectopic pregnancy too. I will find out for sure in a couple of weeks when I have another scan, but for now they are pretty happy to leave it alone on the advice that I go to the dr if I start to get any bad sharp pains. They think I am only 5 weeks along, which doesnt really match my dates, but these things happen, my bubby is a huge 5mm long.


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