thread: Twin births

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    Jan 2005
    Adelaide, Australia

    Twin births

    I was just curious to those of you who have had twins before or have bought stuff for newborn twins.

    Did you get/give one or two cards for the new arrivals?

    Were most gifts to share or identical?

    For boy/girl twins do they get less share things and more individual things?

    Thanks in advance


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    Mar 2005

    Not that I have twins, but generally you's get one card, and most stuff is a two thing as they're together from the word go- IYKWIM!

    A friend of mine Yvetee on BB just had twin girls and I brought them the same stuff, and if it were boy/girl, the the same but one pink and one blue.

    Sorry not much help hun.

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    Oct 2005

    Hi there,

    I have boy girl twins. Mostly we received one card for the bubs. Everyone gave a gift for each child, mostly it was in the blue/pink variety. They do share a lot of things though- especially when the washing needs doing. Cameron will end up in a pink wondersuit.....

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    May 2004

    I don't like the one card idea! I would never send a twin new mum just one card. it's almost like one of the babies doesn't count and besides I like to keep every little card and memento.

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    tiggy Guest

    When we had the girls, we generally got the one card but two gifts. Some people gave us one gift and I hated it. How do you seperate one gift between two babies?
    They are two little beings so why make them share one thing?

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    Dec 2005
    Hallett Cove- S.A

    I have a boy and girl twin siblings.
    At birth we got half and half, some people gave one card for both and the blue pink thing aswell, while others gave 2 cards and 2 different pressies.

    Now they are 7 so recieve individual items, although they have only one b/day party, most people give them seperate items and alot of their friends only give one present.
    They are old enough to understand all of it.

    It depends on what you want to give, I dont see a problem with either as long as your acknowledging them both, it shouldnt matter.

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    *Yvette* Guest

    It never ocurred to me about a card each, but i'm not one who keeps them as mementos. it seemed natural to me to receive one card for the twins' birth, & the gifts we received were 2 or 1 depending what it was, ie 2 bunny rugs or outfits, 1 nappy bag.

    I imagine when twins are old enough to know what presents and cards are, that it would be natural to give them a card and gift each though.

    Clothes is one thing, & a whole other subject, but I am wondering with toys as they get older whether we'll need 2 of everything. I'm thinking mostly not, except things like teddy bears. & we have so many toys already.

    I had really better give this stuff some thought so I can let my family know. I've already had Dad give me some lovely 2nd hand clothes his friend found, but not 2 of each item. I'm thinking already with 2nd hand & hand-me-downs, only to keep them if there's 2, even if similar but not the same.


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    *Yvette* Guest

    Hmm, but if you want to give them seperate gifts but don't need 2 of everything, how do you work that out?