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    I have 10 month old non identical twin girls and am wondering about how they are developing. They were 8 weeks early. At the moment neither of them have any teeth and one of them doesn't even look like getting any soon. Neither of them are crawling although one isn't very far away, but the other one doesn't even look interested in trying it. Neither of them are interested in standing on their feet. Although they will push up on their legs if you are holding them. Would like to hear other peoples experience with twins. Is this normal and am I just worrying too much.


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    Hi Hopingsoon,

    I am a mum of fraternal twin girls also.Usually with development you go by their corrected age so "really "they would be 6 months developmentally.My girls only got their first 2 teeth at 8 months and then it took 5 months for 2 more to come.So I would'nt worry too much.Also they will do things at different times to each other.One of my girls did almost everything about 4 weeks earlier than her sister.

    If you have any concerns maybe see your GP who can refer you to a paediatrican or see you community health nurse.All babies develop at different ages.My niece has only just started crawling at 11 months and just got her first tooth.
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