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    linny Guest

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    Hi everyone,

    I had my 20 week u/s today and everything with the babies is fine.i was in there for close to 2 hrs and they did a measurement and a check on everything.both babies are growing at the same rate and although they couldnt give me exact measurements say they are between 15-20cm which apparently is good for twins at this stage and it goes along with the dates.
    It was amazing they were so active that the u/s guy and the dr were saying they were very cheeky already.i have always worried that i dont feel them move much yet but after today i know they never stop lol.the baby on the right had spread itself from the right all the the way over to the left on top of the other baby so we think we have the more dominant 1 worked out already haha.
    They did get the Dr and OB in at the end because 1 of the placentas(yeah i did have 2) is laying low over my cervix and they were worried it was starting to fuse.Ob said he hoping it will move but wants to do monthly u/s to keep an eye on it.All in all though it was a huge load off my mind.
    We found out what they were but cant really share because i have family friends in here and we want to keep it a surprise for them.I thought i would be safe in here but im not.i really wanted to chat about it too.
    I just wanted to share how i went and how relieved i now feel.

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    chriscoop Guest


    Great! It's so good to hear from you.

    I am glad everything is fine with the babies Yeah, they are very cheeky already. I am sure you will feel them a lot now.

    It's good that they found out about your placenta now, because they can check on it. You are a very lucky girl to have ultrasound once a month

    Keep in tuch

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    Wow at U/s once a month! My O/b got me to have them every 2 weeks to keep an eye on the size of the bubs. Not that I minded seeing them wiggle around every fortnight!

    Glad everything went well for you & the bubs, and just think, you're already halfway 'till your bubs are in your arms!

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    great news all is okay with your babies.There usually is a more dominant twin LOL and it doesn't change. The 18-20 wk u/s is a huge relief to know all is okay.
    I had u/s very 2 weeks too Karlo. But just a quick check.

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    motherduck Guest


    Congrats Linny on knowing you twinies are doing well, looking forward to hearing more about your exciting jorney.

    It is quite exciting to see how much they move around even though you cant feel it most of the time.

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    linny Guest


    Thanks everyone i feel lucky just for them to be healthy and on top of that get to now see them every month.I think like Trish mine will just be quick ones but still great to keep an eye on them.We are going to book in to have a 4D ultrasound at a private place but it just for fun not a diagnostic one.Be nice to capture them on dvd.My elderly father says they be photographed more than Elle before they even come out lol.
    I can start to go shopping now i know what they are ive been very good up to now so Dp will be in for a shock lol.Thanks again for all your positive thoughts and ill keep in touch xx

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    Congratulations. It's so exciting.
    Don't stress about not feeling them move around too much. Remember there's not that much room there for them they can't do summersults like singletons. You'll feel them push or lay in an uncomfortable position for you.

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