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    Default very Worried

    I went and had an ultrasound on tuesday and i was just reading thru the info they gave my doc.. and it says that twin A's yolk sac is irregular... should i be worried or is this commen??

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    Hi there,

    I can't really help you on that matter, but I hope it is not something serious. You should ask your doctor who is the best person to answer you.

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    Irregular could mean just an irregular shape
    Dont' stress. If there was something to worry about they would have told you to go straight back to your docs.

    How many weeks are you now?
    When is your next doc appointment?
    Can you take someone with you as a second set of ears - just in case you forget something. Also write down any questions that you have - you always forget them when you get there
    Good luck and let us know how you are going

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    Sorry that you are feeling stressed. You ned to talk to your doctor or to an obstetrician, who can give you all the info that you need.
    I'll tell you my story but that is not to say that it will be the same for you and it has a happy ending, so it is not meant to stress you out any more than you already are.

    When I went for my first scan for the girls (first set of twins)at 8 weeks, the Ob said that one of the sacs looked irregular and in a 'tear' shape. He said that this could indicate that that baby was not going to make it and that I may miscarry. He said not to get excited and not to tell anyone that it was twins. Of course I got out of that room and I phoned everyone! By the next scan at 11 weeks, everything looked ok and now my twinnies are 10 years old.

    Was there a HB in that twin? Did all the other measurements add up ok with your dates?

    I hope that everything is ok with your little cherubs. Thinking of you

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