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    Default When do they turn

    NOT sure if any one can help but I was gust wondering if anyone knows when there bubs turned? as I went to the Dr yesterday and these two are still breach and I will be 30 weeks tomorrow, Just getting a bit worried as I dont want to have a c section if at all possible my next scan is next wed.
    Apart from that concern everything is going well GTT test came back normal but my Iron lavels are a bit down so back on tabs again hopeful this time they won't repeat on me.

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    Sorry lovie no advice here only to add that Hayden wouldnt turn and left no room for Brooklen to turn either hence my C-Section

    Dont stress too much if you have to have a C-section for the bubs and your safety go for it....Mine was great, no dramas and healed very quickly.

    Wishing you all the best

    Our advice from our humerous Obsetrician was to spend as much time as possible on all fours and in the pool........I will leave that with you though *LOL*


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    My twin one was head down at my 29 week checkup/usound. I went into preterm labour several days later and he had turned breech in those days. So i ended up with a c-section as he turned breech.
    A trick to try and turn them is to sit in a warm bath - not too hot that its dangerous- with a bag of frozen peas on the top of your tummy. Encourages them to migrate to where its warm. Friend did this very late into her twin pg and it worked!
    Good luck !

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    Odette it souds strange but then sometimes I feel strange having two bubbas in my tum so I will give It a go in a couple of weeks time, I will have to ask my sister to borrow her bath as we don't have on at home, the look on her face should be good when I explain what I'm trying to do HeHeHeHe LOL jean

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