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Thread: Being Induced away from home- Doula???

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    Question Being Induced away from home- Doula???

    Hi everyone

    I am being induced due to medical reasons at 37 weeks. I am to deliver at John hunter Hospital in Newcastle and I would love to have a doula but I'm not too sure about how to go about it as I will be delivering 3 hours drive away from where I live.

    Does anyone have any advise? Should I be looking for someone in Newcastle?

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    I do tend to meet my clients at hospital, but it's up to you - some doulas are happy to travel, some not. There would be plenty of doulas in Newcastle and probably with experience at JHH - but you do need to meet them pre-natally so travel will be there either way!!!
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    hello and thank you Kelly

    I travel to newcastle every 4-5 weeks for check ups, which means only another 5 or so visits before I'm induced. So I'm also wondering if this is sufficient time?

    I have checked the site for doulas in newcastle, do you have any recommendations?

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    Hi August Moon Mum,

    I've had clients 2-3 hours way from me a few times. Out where we are (in Victoria), it's 2 hours to the nearest hospital and 3 hours to a really nice birth centre. I figure the travel comes with Doula territory. I once travelled from Hong Kong to Thailand to attend my friend's birth - and stayed there for three weeks. I don't know any Doulas in Newcastle but I can ask around. I hope you find just the right Doula for you.

    Kelly, I love the quote from Rhea in your sig.

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