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Thread: Doula costs... Up front or after birth?

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    Default Doula costs... Up front or after birth?

    Hi all
    I have been researching doulas on the internet and on BB. I definitely want one but would like to know if you have to pay upfront or afterwards when you could use your maternity payment.

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    It depends on the Doula. But most give you payment plans. ie. pay a bit at each consultation that you see her. Which is usually around 3 times. Some Doulas do let you pay the rest after bub when you get the baby bonus but it really just depends on each Doula. So i would just contact each one near you and ask. Goodluck and well done on wanting a Doula!

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    I split mine up in three payments - booking deposit, then the remaining 50% bal. before the birth and 50% bal. after. Works out to be $200, $300 then $300
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    I do two options - I give a fairly sizeable reduction on the fee if they want to pay upfront before 38 weeks. The second option is to pay within 3 weeks of birth and that's the full amount (which would allow for the baby bonus to come through). Either way I ask for a deposit on booking which comes off the total fee.

    Most doulas are happy to talk about options depending on your individual situation, don't be afraid to ask

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