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    OK, I need to ask some questions before I click on the purchase modules for the doula course! I have the money right here ready to do, but need to aks a few questions first!


    When you pay for the first module, how long doe sit take to get to you?

    What comes in the first module and is the package with alot of stuff, or is the first module like something that will take only days too do?

    Is there alot of stuff involved in the modules, so basically, do you get your money/s worth with spending so much on the modules?

    OK that will do, sorry sweeties!Just got to make sure there is enough stuff to learn and that it is worth the money. I love to study, so do not mind how much stuff there is, just don't want there to be lack of stuff!

    I go the money for the first module right now, so am soo excited, but needed to get some answers for these questions first!


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    Hi Soul,

    It been a couple of years since I did my Doula course, however Chris Vose goes into alot of depth in her modules. She makes sure you know everything there is to know so that you will be a fabulous Doula. It is definitely worth the money. She will send you out a booklet, a book and a couple of dvds to get your started. Nearly every module is like that. You will love it!!

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    Hi soul,

    1/ If you pay by credit card, you should receive the first module within a few days (you may receive it within a day, as it comes from QLD!)

    2/ The modules have changed a bit since I started - now the course is even more comprehensive (I get all the new info once I've completed the course). You'll also receive about 2 books, and 1-2 CD rom type things, with your lectures on them. There is plenty to do - lots of reading - but it's all very interesting and a lot of fun. You can work through the exam in your own time....I took my time with the first module, as I had a probably took me about two months.

    3/ Yes, you get your money's worth - Dr. Vose is a wonderful support if you have any questions, as simply by dropping her an email, you'll get any info you need throughout the course.

    I'm so happy you've decided to do your doula studies! That's great! Good luck....and if you ever want to discuss the course, don't hesitate to contact me.

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