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    I don't know if this is in the correct section, feel free to move it if it isn't but a friend of mine recently asked for her medical records concerning the birth of her son. She has now received a form stating 'details of request' and that she has to 'clearly describe the documents required' and paperwork such as obs charts, medication charts etc are not copied unless specifically requested...she has no idea what to ask for.
    I say ask for everything with her name on it but if one of our birth attendant/doulas could help I know she'd greatly appreciate it.

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    Hi MamaDuke,
    Is she looking for some information in particular or just in general? If she is looking for anything in general I suggest she state something like - All documents generated and filed in my medical record for the inpatient admission from 6/6/2000 to 10/06/2000.
    but if it is something in particular she wanted to know then I would need to know what it was to tell you what to ask for. For example, information on a c/section would be on a form called something like an operation record which would have the doctors handwritten notes about the operation and in some hospitals, surgeons also dictate a detailed operation report which might be typed. Specific information about the baby would be on a form called a neonatal record. One of the midwives might be able to help a bit more as they would know the names of the forms they might write on.
    the other thing is, she could get her GP to write to the hospital and ask. sometimes hospitals will more readily give information to other doctors to pass onto their patients. As lots of things that are in medical records are indecipherable to most of us ordinary human beings!
    oops - forgot to say I am not a doula or birth attendant but worked in medical records for many years
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    Mamaduke, I have today received my medical records for the birth of both of my children. I was also sent a form and asked to mention what records I was after.

    I listed that I wanted all of the notes from the date I was admitted (in Labour) to my discharge. The hospital were fantastic! They found the records initially then sent me a letter telling me they had located them and what the charge would be for the photocopying etc. Then I just had to send a cheque for that amount and the records would be posted, which they were. It was a very well spent $35 as far as I am concerned.

    I hope she has success in getting them. I have spent this afternoon going through them and crying as all of the details were very accurate and reminded me of certain things.

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    anney is spot on. Although it is important that your friend be aware that some hospitals won't release the papers to the patient but prefer them to read the relevant pages on site - the excuse I have heard is so that there is someone available to answer any questions.
    Like Anney said, without a more specific idea of what your friend is looking for, it is hard to say what she needs to ask for. I hope your friend is able to find what she is looking for...


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    Thanks so much! I've passed that on. It was a c/section birth but a very difficult birth that she (a) wanted to get some answers to and (b) for future pregnancies/ thanks girls!

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