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Thread: mid-wife versus shared care

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    Default mid-wife versus shared care

    hi everyone
    i'm after some advice on pregnancy care.
    i'm 6 months pregnant, and have been seeing the same mid-wife for all my ante-natal appointments, and she will attend my birth. this has been working fine.
    however, when i went to my gp clinic last month, with the flu, the gp recommended i see the pregnancy specialist gp at the same clinic, and do shared care, with my mid-wife. this sounded like a good idea - i thought maybe the gp will do more thorough tests/checking?
    but after speaking to my mid-wife today, i'm not sure. there's benefits to sticking solely with my mid-wife - no fees, no checking back & forth as to who's done what test etc, no hour-long waits for appointments, and building a solid rapport with one person. my mid-wife said its up to me, but without being a doctor, i'm not sure if there'd be any benefit to seeing my gp as well as my mid-wife. If i just stick with my mid-wife, she will refer me to an obstetrician, if anything unusual happens during my pregnancy.
    any advice you guys have would be appreciated,thanks

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    Hi Anne

    I can only speak from my own personal experience... I have found that the midwives are so much more understanding and supportive than my regular GP. I guess it is because this is their job... to be around pregnant mothers and to monitor their pregnancies and their upcoming deliveries.
    I only see the one midwife during my visits too... for me, it makes it more personal, as she is going to be there when my baby is born, where my GP won't be... if I have any troubles that really can't wait, then I will see my GP, but I haven't had to since I was 10 weeks pregnant.

    I say just do what you feel is best for you... if you feel comfortable with just your midwife, and you are in fine health... why change?
    I am sure you will work out the best situation for you.

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    annef6722 Guest


    hey lisa!
    thanks for your reply.
    i feel completely comfortable with my mid-wife, it was just that cautious/worry-wart side of me that thought maybe a doctor would do more checks etc? as you say, the mid-wives are more supportive etc, and when i saw the gp last week, even though she was nice, it was really rushed, and i wasn't given time to ask any questions, and then paid $80- for the priviledge. i think if i do shared-care, i won't feel as "bonded" with my mid-wife, come labour time.
    thanks for your advice

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    I believe you can only do shared care if you are low risk, and if any complications arise you are referred to an obst for help anyway - exactly what would happen with a midwife.
    I did shared care last time wiht my GP, but slightly different circumstances. She used to work in the public birthing system in Geelong, and so knows all about what goes on in it. All the midwives know and lvoe her too. So I got more than what the normal person gets I spose?
    This time around I am in the Family Birthing Unit (sort of private midwife care) but I have still seen my GP for a few pregnancy related problems to save a hossy visit. She doesn't bulk bill, but its still worth seeing her. We also seem to be at the drs all the time anyway, so she is always asking how I am. I usually request my test results get sent to her as well to be on the safe side.
    Also, it does start a nice bond with the GP as you will see them soooo many times after you have the baby - for everything from needles to a runny nose, so we feel like she really is our family GP - and that she cares.

    The biggest drawback to shared care is you dont really get any sense of what the birth is going to be like, as your GP wont be there with you on the big day. I think if its your first time, its really important to spend time with the people that will be with you through the birth so you get to know each other, and you feel that you have a level of trust with them.

    So I would agree with your midwife - if you feel rushed by your GP, I wouldn't bother going through them for shared care.

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    thanks fiona
    its so reassuring to have all you ladies available for advice. everytime i'm worried about something, i'm sort of feel like i'm on my own, and then i remember i have all of you to ask - so helpful!

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