The Common Knowledge Trust presenting:

The Pink Kit Method for birthing better
Presenter Training
7-11 May 2007 - Gladstone, Queensland

Purpose of the Training

1. To prepare presenters to offer a one day Pink Kit Presentation for expectant parents throughout Australia in The Pink Kit Method for birthing better.

2. To develop a skilled birthing population. There are 58,000 births each year in Melbourne alone. Every pregnant woman can develop effective labour management skills. Every husband/partner can develop practical and helpful coaching skills.

3. To bridge all existing gaps so that expectant parents can go into birth feeling confident of their own birthing skills in order to work through the process of labour wherever they birth or with and around assessments, monitoring and procedures. The Pink Kit Method is a non-judgemental approach to birth and
focuses entirely on how we can manage and cope with labour while working with our husband, partner, friend or relative as our skilled coach.

4. To inspire expectant parents who plan a non-labouring caesarean (for whatever reason) to enjoy the process of preparing for birth and to have skills to use during the birth of their child.

Prerequisites to become a Pink Kit Presenter

  • A desire to develop a skilled birthing population in their local area and nationally.
  • A passion to convince, persuade, enthuse, inspire and educate expectant parents the importance of teaching themselves The Pink Kit resources in the privacy of their own home. We must keep in mind that only a woman is ‘doing’ the labour. Her best coach is her husband, partner, friend or relative.
  • A willingness to spread a neutral and ‘skills’ approach to childbirth.
  • No previous experience is necessary. You may have an interest in childbirth or just want to run a ‘home based’ business. You may be an allied professional working with pregnant women or a birth professional.
  • Couples are welcome to be trained.

Time Frame for Training

* 5 day training
* $700/person for the workshop.
* Venue & Accommodation - Reef Adventureland Motor Inn

For more information

* Sonya Lindley-Jones - 0434 545 345 - [email protected]
* Jackie Mannix - 0406 402 702