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    Would having a Doula effect my husbands role in our childs birth? I wouldn't like my husband to be any less involved but I like the idea of extra support!

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    Hey lil_chookie,

    Just copying this from my Birth Support page in the FAQ section! You can read more here: [url][/url]

    Q. I’m worried that a Birth Attendant will ‘take over’ from the father’s role or will exclude him. Is this so?

    A. Not at all – in fact the complete opposite. A Birth Attendant helps to keep dad involved as much as possible, should this be the wish of the couple. A Birth Attendant can be as equally as helpful for the father, giving him confidence and understanding into the birthing process unfolding before him, even suggesting some ideas as to how he might support the woman in labour, so he can feel more involved. Some couples may hire a Birth Attendant so the father can play a more low key role – the bottom line is that the role the Birth Attendant plays is as per your own wishes. The Birth Attendant will work with your wishes and will happily accomodate your requests.
    If any other Doulas or Birth Attendants would like to add anything, please do! Or anyone who has had a Doula or Birth Attendant present, let us know how you found it with your partner and a professional support person.
    Kelly xx

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