I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and due to a traumatic previous birth experience and emergency ceasarian, I am looking for a Doula, trainee Doula or student midwife to attend the birth and support my husband and I during our planned VBAC. My ultimate dream would be to have an independant midwife but this is not possible on our financial budget. I hope to be able to use the baby bonus once that comes in 2-3 weeks after the baby is born for payment as we do not have funds available at all till then We are looking to make it as cheap as possible for us, hence the option of trainee doula.

I am due around 18th April 2013 and am based in Reedy Creek QLD. I am booked in to the Tweed Hospital though will have to see doctors most of the time but would really like a midwife for continuity of care. I was on caseload for my first baby and loved it but its not offered here.

If you can help me please contact me on 0403794412 or [email protected]