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Thread: Trainee or Qualified Doulas in Mt Isa?

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    Default Trainee or Qualified Doulas in Mt Isa?

    A close friend of my sisters is having a baby in Mt Isa, and is curious to know if I know any Doula's there. She would love to come back to Brissy to birth her baby, but it's not practical for her to do so. She said there is only 2 docs in Mt Isa that are available as private OB's, but she said she would still be in a public hospital. So I told her about what a Doula does, and how helpful they are during pregnancy and labour, and she is very keen to talk to one up there about using a doula along with the hospital midwifes.

    So, I told her I would ask around and see if I can get her some names of some lovely ladies that would be willing to meet up with her.


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    Hi Mel!

    I am in Townsville which is a fair drive from Mt Isa (About 8 hours drive east or west). I am happy to provide informational and emotional support via email and phone is she would like.

    Would she be happy coming to Townsville to birth the baby????

    Let me know!

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