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Thread: Using Doula training/experience for Uni entry?

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    Default Using Doula training/experience for Uni entry?

    Has anyone used their Doula training or experience for Uni entry into a midwifery course? Im a mature age student, did my HSC awhile ago and it basically means zilch now. I would love to be a doula, but eventually go through midwifery at Uni. Was wondering if I should do the Doula training first or just go straight for the midwifery and spend months and months trying to convince them to let me in.


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    I know 4 of Rhea Dempsey's students got into midwifery last year, each year she's had a class of 10 but has now increased it. It definitely does help, as they like birth attendance if you have done it as a bonus. I really strongly recommend doula training first, its a huge difference. Many of the doula students have been shocked at how it goes straight into the medical stuff, so its good to have training on normal birth and how birth can be.
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    Yes, I used my Doula experience as entry to Uni.

    I applied the first time and didn't get in, but then after a year with Doula training and experience behind me I got in.

    I would COMPLETELY recommend training as a Doula first, through any quality Doula program, because what you learn as a Doula is fundamental and you do not get it at uni. In my opinion all aspiring midwives SHOULD train as a Doula first.

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    I'm pretty sure that my attendance at Rhea's helped me get in to BMid first time around. I also think that being involved and a member of groups such as the ABA, Australian College of Midwifery and the likes helps alot. Showing a committment to birth/pregnancy related organisations, and being a passionate advocate for being 'with woman' impresses the Uni's I think. If you really want one of those sought after places, doing some birth attendance training can make a big difference, on a personal level and as to how the Uni see your perception of birth/pregnancy.

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    I can see that training as a doula would enhance your chances of getting into uni. However, from my experience with uni's, if your goal is to become a midwife I would recommend applying to uni straight away. We have students who are in the same position as yourself. If you are worried about not having the education behind you most uni's provide a bridging course before entering into the course to help you along a bit. Choosing the right uni might be the hard part, try and apply for a course which integrates on the job training on a continuous basis rather than block training. This will be most beneficial. The mid year intake is coming up so this would be an excellent time to try. You dont have anything to lose. Good luck!

    Leanne - student midwife/registered nurse

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