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    This is my first pregnancy and being 28 weeks along, DP and I are starting to plan out our birth plan (not that it will go to plan). Both of us are up and down about a water birth. Can someone tell me about of info on a water birth and the pro's and con's?
    My younger sister had a water birth at the birthing centre in May and swears by it, but everyone is different.
    I would like to give a water birth ago, but need info of what I should be preparing myself for and pro's and con's.


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    Have you found some info yet? I'm sure there must be some lists online.

    I'm not sure that there are any cons- maybe some things to be mindful of such as temperture of the water and not putting in bubble bath. Oh, and don't leave your baby underwater longer than the cord is pulsating- I think it's best to lift them out of the water within a minute of being born. Also, don't stand up when the baby's head is out then squat back down in the water- once they have surfaced they should stay surfaced.

    Pros include pain relief and relaxation, less chance of tearing due to the warmth softening your skin and the easing of the burning feeling meaning you may feel more able to gently breathe baby out, baby stays warm while being half way out so its a gentler transition for them (this is good for breech babies too).

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    Hi Deana, we are also hoping to have a water birth. I'm sure they will go over it with you at the hospital or birthing center antenatal class. Where we are having our baby we were told that there is more chance of tearing in the bath but a smaller tear than you might get out of the bath. We were also told that if we had an Epidural that we could still labour in the bath but not deliver in the bath. The midwives make sure the temp is correct and they make sure the head and shoulders are out, that whoever is receiving the baby can take over, who ever that is will naturally take the baby out of the water and put bubs on your chests Re your birth plan, we were also told that the things to put on there are not so much what you want to happen but what you don't want to happen in certain circumstances. I found this particularly helpful so that dh and I could chat about it all before hand to minimise stressful decisions on the day. eg I don't want my membranes artificially rumptured, I do not want pethadine etc Good luck and as I said I'm sure your antenatal classes will cover a water birth

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