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Thread: Aboriginal or Australian poems / stories about weddings or marriages?

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    Question Aboriginal or Australian poems / stories about weddings or marriages?

    Hello All

    I'm looking for 2 readings for my wedding in Feb. to match my Handfasting ceremony.

    I would like one reading to be of an Aboriginal Dreamtime story about weddings / marriages etc - but have no idea where to start. The only book I have is full of "bad" marriages ending in death.

    The second reading I'd like to be an Aussie poem, preferably colonial, on Marriage. I've heard one that ends with "I'll love you until it rains at Marble Bar" which is lovely, but most of my guests (and I!) haven't been there.

    So any ideas / suggestions?

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    Have you tried checking out the Aussie poets section of the library? I think Kath Walker and Judith Wright had some good ones, not necessarily about love or marriage.

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    FOund this one, it's from 2003

    Warmth of My Life
    Poem By Mick Leigh
    Soft gentle lady,
    beat of my heart,
    silk in my dreams,
    food for my soul.

    For you I would gather rosemary and thyme,
    and line a white cloud for you to recline.

    I've loved you in secret and watch from afar,
    I still hear your laughter wherever you are.

    Warmth of my life,
    you quicken my pulse,
    I dance with you softly
    for fear I'll wake.

    Though this dream is forbidden,
    it won't fade away
    I surrender all
    my manly pride,
    and at your feet naked lay,
    you are my Aphrodite,
    you're David am I.

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