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Thread: Catholic Christening question

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    Default Catholic Christening question

    Hi Ladies,

    Finally got around to organising My daughters christening as we have been in the country for the last 12 months. Have met with the priest and booked it for March so she will be 12 months old by then.

    Question mainly is the priest said normally they will have the mass and after the mass she would be christened. I'm just a bit concerned how she will go sitting through the whole mass and then another 3o mins or so after forher christening. Is it the norm to do this , or could we just go to the church after the mass. I am very happy to sit through the mass just not sure how well behaved Erin will be to sit still for an hour and a 1/2.

    We are going to a christening info night in a couple of weeks so just wanted to get some opinions before we go. Priest seems quite flexible because he mentioned if guests could not attend the mass that was fine, not sure though if we would be expected to.

    Any thoughts, experiences appreciated!

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    I wouldn't think it would be a problem not attending the mass. If you talked to the Priest I'm sure he would understand.

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    Hi Kristy
    After having all of my 6 children baptised into the Catholic Church, I am pleased to try and answer your questions.
    My current parish priest says there are two ways you can have a Catholic Baptism. One is during the Mass and the actual baptism is incorporated into the service and the other is an after service baptism in which you turn up after mass and only have the baptism service. The only thing about the after mass baptism is the fact that the child at one point would have to presented to the congregation.
    At 12 months of age, your daughter should have the capability of sitting in the church for the entire service, just make sure you provide her with snacks and little things to distract her. My children have been going to mass since they were little babes(I think 1 week was our youngest!)
    My aunt currently sets up the church for all our baptisms and she makes sure that the water is always warm in the font (there is nothing worse than cold water being poured over a babies head!), and that the family feel comfortable in the church.
    Sometimes, the priest may supply a candle or you might have to provide your own candle. The priest may also provide a white stole to be placed over the baby as a sign of innocence.

    Hope that helps

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    My boys were baptised last year at the ages of 4 and 21 months. We had a separate service at noon, after the 10:30am Mass. As the boys were older, and had been to Mass before, we didn't have to "present" them as such. We didn't go to the Mass, just took them to the baptism ceremony.

    I'd check with your Parish Priest. It does depend a little on him!

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    maddy was excatly 5 months when she was christened and we didnt attend the mass first.. but she was great during the baptism!!

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    DD was 3 months old and we had a seperate service at 12 (its after the mass service). I really do think it just depends on your parish priest so have a chat with him.

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