thread: A few wedding questions

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    Sep 2006

    A few wedding questions

    Hey all!

    My wedding is coming verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry quickly now that I cant believe it!!! So I just got a few questions...

    1. Thank you cards - do I send these out once all gifts are received, like after the wedding, or are they to go on the table so people can get them straight away??

    2. Signing marriage certificate - do I sign this in my signature now or my new signature??!! hehe sorry if a silly question!

    3. Changing surname - how easy is it to change my surname? Is there one form that I fill out and it notifies everyone (like where my bills come from and bank name etc) or do I need to notify everyone seperately?

    Well thats all I have got for now!!


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    Jul 2007

    I did small thank you attached to little gifts and then after sent out thank yous.

    signature is in your current name not new name.

    Changing name with some things is easy and other things a pain in ass!! Dont book honeymon in married name as u need licenece changed first. After honeymoon u will need to get copy of certificate from registry of births deaths and marriages and then start the task!! Long and annoying i still havent done it all 18 months down track!!

    goood luck

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