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    Apr 2007
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    hen's night

    ok soooooooo i had started planing my friends hens night and her sis inlaw has basically told me it will be too boring.
    can u guys tells me what you think.
    some back ground info.
    The bride doesnt want anything rude at all nothign to do with willy's or strippers etc. there will be about 45 people invited from grannies to youngsters (all over 18)

    so i had organised to go to a venue that we will have all to ourself. we will have a buffet roast, play games, drink and have music set up for later in the night for everyone to dance.

    The games i have are: * make a bridal gown out of toilet paper
    * This game you pass a cucumber between ur legs and if it gets dropped ur out or if the music stops on u ur out.
    * who knows bride and grrom best (answering questions the bride and groom have previously answered)
    * bridal bingo

    The brides sister is making a cake for desert and i was thinking of doing a lolly buffet.
    Also thinking of doing a few games like bowls and croquet etc out in the garden in the arvo before we go inside. inside will be set up really nice aswell.

    Does this sound boring?

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    Feb 2008

    Not at all f that is what the Bride has said, if she doesn't won't rude/naughty stuff then you are right to follow her wishes.

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    Nup, but then I just had a high tea for my bridal shower. If the SIL thinks it's boring, did she provide any ideas on how to make it more interesting or is she just having a whinge? Do you know your friend better than her SIL? By all means, take on board ideas, but you also have to take into account the bride's personality and taste and everyone's budget.

    Other things you may like to consider include
    *belly dancing lesson with or without henna for the bride
    * a make up/pamper session
    * chocolate fondue set. With or without naughty shaped things to dip

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    Dec 2007
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    not at all! what does the bride think? because thats all that really matters! You don't need strippers or rude or nude or anything at a hens party. I didn't, we went on a ghost tour, I used it as a excuse to do something that needed group numbers.

    if the bride is happy, that is what matters!

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    Nov 2008

    I think its sounds great! You have done a wonderful job with the planning. Its actually quite stressful planning these things! All the best

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    Apr 2007
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    th bride is happy with it and it is basically exactly what she wants but i just got a bit worried that if SIL thinks its boring that others might. i want the bride to be happy and not worried that people might be bored. but with the large numbers it is hard to cater for and this way it includes everyone.

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    Dec 2007
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    sounds like youve done a good job then!!

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    Oct 2007
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    what did you do for bridal bingo?

    was the night sucessful?