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Thread: Hens nIght game ideas??

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    Righteo - so Im organising a GF's hens night. We have a topless barwaiter serving drinks at an apartment before we go to dinner , I'm doing a quiz, and checklist for after dinner, and maybe the pin the ***** on the poster but not sure what else to do. I want cheeky, sexy games that arent too over the top seeing as mum, aunty and gran will be there!? Is cutting a cucumber to make it look like part of a males anatomy tacky?? Also the waiter can "participate in party games" but not sure what we can get him to do??

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    go to bridal shower games at oz . com minus all the spaces absolutly brilliant games and ideas

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    I went to a hens night a few months ago and they must have went to a sex shop, and we played truth or dare with a bunch of cards, but they were all well you can imagine the questions, was very funny LOL and they had a few games they bought from there, were you had to throw the rings on the d*ck and what not

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    We had a quiz at my hens night. 20 Q's about the bride. Qs can be either naughty (ie briefs, g strings or none) or nice (fav colour). We also melted some different chocolates down and made a guessing game for everyone. And another where you went around in a circle and said my name is Kate and *brides name* will need to take knickers on the honeymoon. First letter of guest name is first letter of what needs to be taken. If you can't think of one then you are out. Keep going around in circle until you get down to one person as the winner.

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    i love the cutting of the cucumber idea! id love to see how creative some people are

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    Thanks ladies - great help!

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