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    Im organising my gf hens night - it is going to be a fairly conservative night with dinner out at a really nice hotel in the city and then a ****tail lounge. We will be meeting up before dinner at an apartment that we are staying at and i just want ideas on
    a) things we can do before we go to dinner
    b) what we can do to her/for her while we are out that isnt toooo outrageous considering we will be at a fairly conservative place!!! Tricky one hey!!

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    maybe a little pampering session, with facials and massages before you all go out for the big night?

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    i was gunna suggest the same thing!

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    Make up some fun games, like trivia about the bride and groom, and have prizes (these could be anything from chocolates to big ticket items depending on your budget).

    Champagne and relaxing by the hotel pool sounds good to me too, and a facial or massage sounds devine.

    No suggestions for once you're out if you're going somewhere upmarket, I just went to the rowdy clubs with my even rowdier girlfriends lol

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    DH and I were once sat next to a Bachelor;s night group in a resturant and couldn't help but hear them... they were pretty conservative as well but they had "sprused up" the menu a bit. They had gotten hold of the resturant menu in advance, altered the names of the meals, reprinted it and then (with the venue's permission) used that on the night. So for example, spaghetti with meat balls was renamed "Ball and Chain" and when they ordered they used the new names.
    Whilst out the Hen can open her gifts (if people are doing gifts... just be wary they aren't offensive!)
    You could take a trip to an Adult Shop before dinner
    You could pay a trip to an adult shop and take a look around for ideas - some of them have good ideas for things like Hens and Bachelor parties... card games etc.
    At dinner, each guest could give the Hen a piece of "advice for surviving marriage"

    I don't know what else. I chose not to have a traditional Hens function instead spending the night with my closest friends in a nice Motel and pampering ourselves (whilst drinking a tad too much )

    HTH and have fun!


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    Maybe a nice (not dirty) underware party. I am not good at this all the hens nights I have been invovled in have been a bit raunchy

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