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Thread: Ideas please for 30th bday!

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    Talking Ideas please for 30th bday!

    It is my DH's birthday this coming weekend and I am wanting some ideas as to how I can make it "special".

    We are playing bowls on Saturday then heading back to our place for drinks and a BBQ afterwards. I am making a photo board for him but would love some other ideas that will be cool and not expensive!


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    Mmm will have to have a think but I found a photo of DH dressed as a cowboy(chaps and all!!!!) for a friends party a few years ago and I printed off A3 copies and put them on all the traffic lights from here to about 2 kms away I wrote something like, DH is turning 30 - yeeeeeeeeahhhhhaaaaaa !!!Yes it made him feel VERY special!!! Will be back when I can think of some more!

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    Do you have a laptop? For parties I like to make up a slide show on PowerPoint with photos, funny quotes from the person, birthday wishes etc & play it somewhere so everyone can see it. I'm actually working on one today for my dad's 60th in a few weeks.

    You could do some goofy games... Enlarge a photo of DH & make up some sunglasses & do pin the sunnies on DH. Pass the parcel with some funny presents maybe.

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    Great ideas! Thanks heaps Tan & Sarah... keep them coming!

    Tan- I'm still giggling now at what you did for your DH! I think because I know where abouts you are and how many people will have seen the pictures

    Sarah- Yep! I have a laptop! I love the idea of birthday messages etc! I think I will have to give everyone a call and get them to think of a "quote" from Shane and a bday message!

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    *bumpity bump*

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    I have no suggestions but my DH is turning 30 later this year so I'll be keeping an eye on this thread

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