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Thread: Money as a wedding gift

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    Default Money as a wedding gift

    My best mate is getting married this weekend.

    Anyways, they have requested that monetary donations as gifts to be given instead of the normal tradition of an actual gift.

    She's having her wedding on the island off our town and all up to stay the wedding night it is going to cost us $600. So we're a bit strapped for $50 too stingy?


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    Well I personally don't think so, as that was our choice at our wedding & thats around what people gave us. But then our friends don't have much & most of them have young kids & they know we wouldn't expect much.
    For a friends wedding we gave them $50 & a timber photo box thing I found on ebay, so there was a bit extra, but it only cost around &15 on top. I felt the same & thought the $50 might not be enough. As far as I know that was OK though.

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    Noway, $50 is fine!!

    It really irritates me when people 'request' gifts. I dislike gift registrys and I dislike people asking for money for wedding gifts more. I feel a gift is a personal thing that you pick for someone else because you think they will love it, a gift from the heart.

    My rant over........hope you have a wonderful time at your bestmates wedding!! I love weddings, so much fun!!

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    $50 is fine considering how much u r paying to go to wedding.

    we had friends come long distance and didnt expect a present or anything!!!

    enjoy the wedding!!

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    I wouldnt worry about it darlin.... your mate would even apprecaite just a card with a scratchie in it no doubt
    We did the wishing well thing... and I really didnt care if our friends put in nothing... just them being there was worth more than any gift!

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    we had a "renovators wishing well" as we'd moved in together and had pretty much two of everything

    most people chipped in $50 - and it was more than we'd anticipated. you may think that it doesn't sound like much, but it is a huge amount when it all adds up!

    i'm sure your friends would be more than happy with $50 - and if you can't afford that much, don't put that much in - there are no "rules" that go with it!

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    I agree, $50 is definately fine & as said above, all those $50's all add up so if that's stretching your finances a bit more than you would like then just make it less, your friends wont mind, I'm sure they'd totally understand!

    We asked for no gifts at our wedding as we had been living together for a while & didn't need (or want) anything. We said if anyone does want to give something then feel free to give money to help with bills etc. We didn't think anyone would actually do it but we had $20 here & $50 there & once it gets added up it does get to a decent amount. We appreciated the $20 just as much as the $50 because we knew not everyone has alot of money to spare.

    The main thing is that your friends will have all of their loved ones (friends & family) there for their special day, they probably wont pay much attention to the gifts whether it be money or something different as they'll be so caught up in the fact that they are now husband & wife (we wrote out thank you's etc but were more grateful for everyone being there than anything else)

    Good luck :-)

    PS it sounds like it's going to be a beautiful wedding!! My DH's brother was married on an Island (Hamilton Island) & it was totally party / holiday atmosphere I'm sure your friends will be the same :-)

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    You could have bought a toaster for that LOL so I think it's fine, and should be a gift you can afford.

    Greeks give money all the time for weddings - most of our presents were money when I married John.
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    Thank you for the reassurance

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