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    Hi guys, Im just wondering if anyone can tell me a good website to go for organising a wedding? My wedding was 3 years ago and I can't remember a single detail. My cousin is looking for disposable camera's like the ones I had (they had silver hearts on them I think), also a good photographer (will be in Syd/blue mountains).
    many thanks xoxo

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    We used disposablecameras for our cameras and they were great.

    Photographer we use Charvel Photography-Located in Bowral NSW but they travel any where and done a GREAT job... was very the name and they will come up.

    To organise my wedding i used Wedding Magic. Its a CD that you buy online but is sooo helpful. Other then that i just bought a few wedding planner books and done reserch oin the net and my day went better then expected!!

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    I also got my cameras from disposablecameras and they were great, cheap and did the job!
    I was on a few different forums, ido , wedding central to name a couple, the girls there can give heaps of ideas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Confused View Post
    My Dh and I had a quick wedding at a registry office because I didnt want to spend any money really.

    Tell me about it... ours cost just a tad over $20k..and my dad laughed when i originally said it would cost around $18k...he said that was far to much money!!!

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    sorry if i am not allowed to post this, but when i planned my wedding a couple of years ago i visited a website called weddingcentral - it was pretty decent then, but i have not idea if they are still as good now. still they should have alot of links to places that do things like wedding cameras.
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