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Thread: YAY i found bridesmaids dresses!!!!

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    Talking YAY i found bridesmaids dresses!!!!

    Finally i have found the bridesmaids dresses.... We drove to Miranda and looked around there yesterday (yeah i know i am mad to be doing it this late in pregnancy but oh well) and didnt find anything, so we decided to stop in one of my fav bridal shops on the way home in wollongong,..... It was there!
    It is $310 each BUT because i have 5 BM's i get a 10% discount and im putting $100 towards each dress, so they only end up paying $179...
    It is a long 'flowy' beachy dress which is jade green, it is awesome!! I am so happy and releived now all i have to do is birth this baby!!

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    That's fantastic! Good luck with the wedding plans, and good luck with your impending labour!

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