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    Today I was offered an Avon round. I'm not sure whether I would know anyone to sell too and my neighbours aren't really avon types of people (single middle aged men).

    Is it worth becoming an Avon rep just to buy for yourself?

    Can anyone explain how it all works and do you get a very high % of the profits.

    I have to let them know next week whether or not i want to ahead and sign up as a rep and then they'll send someone out to explain it all to me, but I think i need to know more before I can make up my mind.

    Is it time consuming?

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    Dec 2006
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    if you order over a certain amount (i think it used to be $63) you got a percentage of the sales. if you went over another threshold, the percentage went up...

    you pay for all your catalogues and order forms, you pay for delivery to your house, you have to drop catalogues, collect them, drop orders and collect money. it's time consuming and often people aren't home or don't have the money when you go to drop stuff off

    i did it for about six months with a friend - we took over half of our town and managed to make a profit, but we were committing a day every weekend, and one arvo a week (minimum) to working on it. we had a territory of about 1000 houses PLUS we sold at work. it was hard going, and we weren't making much of a profit (enough but not much - we were mostly doing ti for the exercise factor!)