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    Default database entry, typing jobs

    does anyone know how i could get into a WFH job doing database entry or maybe typing things up for publishers, etc????

    I need to find a WFH job to supplement my income from work. I'm a Body Shop consulatant but it really hasn't taken off. I can't get party bookings (despite all my best efforts) and despite what they say, i personally find them to be very helpful and or supportive in trying to get it started. So i don't want to do party plan.

    i'm happy to try things like typing for people, database/mail out work etc.

    Does anyone know how I could go about this???

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    You could contact the employment agencies, or the temp employment agencies, see if they have any contacts for you.

    Either that or email all the people in the industry you are interested in - tell them what you are available to do.

    I was considering doing that (i'm a legal secretary) by emailing all the law firms on the coast, but its really slowed down a lot up here with work, so I don't think they would be outsourcing any typing at the moment.

    But they are the only things I can think of! Good luck!

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