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    OK, just want to put out a few feelers, so here goes!

    I've always enjoyed doing astrology profiles, and have done them for friends' boyfriends etc with remarkably accurate results (in fact, the report I did for my best friend's new chap, about 2 weeks before they started going out, before I'd ever met him or heard much about him, managed to detail his flat and furniture correctly). So I was thinking of doing "baby profiles", so you know things like baby's personality, reactions to stress, things they'll love and need whilst growing up... just wondered what you'd like to see, if you'd buy this sort of thing and if you would trust it. I also thought of doing a half-price retrospective one when you buy the baby report for either the mother or father, so they could read the sort of things they were like (just the same as the baby one) to check that it's not a load of rubbish.

    I was also thinking of doing school age and teenage children as seperate reports as everyone changes with time (so what a baby/toddler needs is not the same as what a 6-year-old needs, and those aren't the same as what a teenager needs), obviously the subsequent reports would also be a bit cheaper than the first.

    Who would want this or take this up: could I run a smallish home business doing this? I wasn't planning to be swamped with reports, just a couple a week, so I could do this now just to help raise some cash for moving home - if it takes off, maybe even do it full-time. It won't be a "look into the future" thing, just a personality thing with needs and desires. About 10 pages long, e-mailed to you.

    What do you girls think? And what would you pay?

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    I would. I'd probably not pay more than arounf $60/25-30

    I know people buy this sort of stuff. One of my friends paid around $100 AUD, so around 40?

    I don't know how the currency would translate though as with some things the number amount is the same as the UK (i.e. 20 dollars/20 pounds) and others its the equivalent.

    I think as far as pricing, you'd base it on how much you'd pay.

    I do know that there are internet sites that allow you do construct a basic astrological star chart for free, based on your birthdate/place, so it would depend on the service that you're offering.

    Ooh do you need customers? I'd get Milo's done.

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    I'm just thinking about it at the moment; I'll happily do Milo's, even as a one-off! I was thinking around 20 (or $40-45ish) for them, but then again because I don't use a computer package to do the "your sun is in XXX, you are like XXX" but do an individual, joined up report (like how the sun links in to another planet and what effect that will have) it will take me a couple of hours. Then again, 10 an hour for something I like doing isn't so bad! And I'm sure I'll get quicker the more I do.

    I'm still unsure as to include a "needs and fears" part, because I won't know everyone I'm doing them for and don't want to think that these would be used as punishment (ie baby needs reassurance and hugs, so they won't hug as punishment, or baby fears being left out, so they leave baby in the other end of the room and ignore baby as a punishment). I know it sounds daft, but I don't want to help make babies even more upset!

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    Well Ryn..I think it is a great idea and i would definately have some have 4 boys and would space it out...pmsl anyway keep going with the idea cause i think it would definately be a good one ,especially since you love doing it so much too, sometimes that is half the battle..


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    OK, well, I'm going to go ahead with this (sorry, been really busy so not had much time to think on it lately!). Just a couple more questions: I'm going to only advertise here for now, but thinking of putting up a website to link to in my siggy: what would people like to see on the website? I won't have a "free reading" bit, because it's all hand-done, not computer-done, but would have maybe a sample chart or two to show what a finished report looks like. I'd also love to use positive feedback on the website!

    So, what would you like to see in a website and I'll try to get that up and running ASAP then go marketplace! I'll also need to look at getting a PayPal thing going and would appreciate any tips as to the easiest way to do that.


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