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    Hi All,

    I have been at home for nearly 8 months now and I have started to think about what to do to get some extra money. I approached my boss about a month ago to see if I can do work from home and I have not heard from him since, so it must be a no-goer. I looked through the paper at 'self employment opportunities' and looked through some on the websites listed.

    Some of them sounded real dodge when they didnt tell you what they did but you could earn a few thousand dollars a month!! But there was this one that told you what you do, that sounded OK. Its an online typing job. From what I understand you will be a freelance typist, typing up advertisements for different companies around the world and these companies could pay you hourly or pay you whenever you sell their product. They can even give you real data entry jobs.

    I think it sounds OK but still a little bit hesitant about it. What do you think? Have you tried something like this and it worked out or failed?? Its not a get rich quick scheme by the sounds of it...

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    I dunno hun. Heaps of them sound dodgy... can you call them?

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    i have been turned off by these types of jobs. so many of the sites want you to pay, to find out how to make thousands of dollars.. they arent actual jobs. the way i see it is if they were legit jobs, and you could make big $$$ all us SAHM's would be rich!!!

    as for a typing job, i have no idea, perhaps give them a call like Oshani suggested!

    good luck with it!

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    If you find something, Ngala, let me / us know - I'm currently in the market for a new gig. OK, not the best
    - time of year
    - economic time
    but if there's something that can allow me not to commute and / or make $$$$ then I'm in ... of course, nothing like what KB suggested!!


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