Hi all,

I just thought I'd share what I do as a part time business at the moment (as well as working at a company FT). I'm thinking about trying to rustle up enough business to be able to stay home and do it on its own. I'm TTC number 1 at the moment so was planning to get things happening now so I'm all set up.

I am a qualified, registered and insured personal trainer and what I do is have clients come and do sessions with me in my gym and/or we go outdoors to the local oval etc. I also offer training over the net ie exercise planning/ programming etc. Luckily I hav ea web designer partner so had that bit easily taken care of lol

What I am hoping to do is target Mums as I'd like to help everyone get back their post birth bodies (if not better!). I'm about to do a short course that specialises in training for post pregnancy so I have some more ideas of training schedules to implement. I'd like to offer my service to include that mums are most welcome to bring their bubs to their session and might offer some group mums n bubs type sessions as well. Do you think this is a worthwhile thing to do? I think working with other mums (I say other in the hope I will be one soon!) would be really rewarding and great for them as being fit and strong only does good things for your self esteem and makes being on call 24/7 as a mother that little bit easier. From the clients I have trained previously, they've said just having that time out from the house and doing something for themselves is the best thing!

Any other personal trainers here doing something like this? would love to share ideas!