thread: What else can I add...

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    What else can I add...

    I am thinkming bout starting a small home based bussiness, I really want to give it a go, it will be making the baby hands and feet castings and framing them.... etc. There was a lady doing it here but since having three kids under three has given it up, I will start small, and just do frends etc, but if all goes to plan would like to expand. I will do belly's and pets too... But I want to get into something for weddings too... But I don't know what to do for wedding keepsake...

    If you have any ideas to what else I can add, please let me know, I know there are a few places out there doing these, but mine will be somewhat unique and I will also do home visits as I know how hard it can be to get out of the house with a new bub, also I have contacts with an awesome photographer who will help with the photos too...

    Thanx for reading and I hope you can think of stuff....



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    There's a lady in Perth that does exactly what you're thinking of. We got it done for DS when he was 6 months and love it.

    For wedding keepsakes, the only thing I could think of was doing a casting of the couples hands entwined together and mount it on a nice block with a plaque.

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    there is a company call impressionable kids that do this and come out to the home to do these casts. They also do all the wedding stuff.

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    Yeah my SIL brought a franchise of the impressionable kids - so have you looked into getting a franchise instead of starting from scratch yourself? at least its already a reputable and known brand, so thats half the struggle already done.

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    I was going to say Impressionable Kids as well

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    For the weddings you'll need something bold and catchy, something that stands out like honeymooners ......................