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    aimswervy Guest

    Question Avon

    I'm considering become an Avon representative, just to make a little extra cash, and was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this, how did it go? Is it worth it? Did it cost much to get started? Any advice?

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    Emmas Guest


    Yep, been there done that. That was my first 'working from home' experience. Not good. I did it for about 8 months, then got sick of spending more than I was making!!
    I found that I had to buy all my catalogs, all samples etc. Also, when they had a 2 for 1 offer, of buy this, get this free- you don't make any money at all on those deals- not a cent. Of course, those are the ones that everyone goes for, so needless to day I didn't make much money!!

    Although, flip the coin and if you are prepared to work outside your area, and put your books everywhere you are allowed, and really treat it like a business, then you can make some good money.

    But it did only cost me $20 to join - so I guess you need to decide if the time you put in is worth it! Give it a go- and see what happens. Everyone will have different experiences, but the only one that matters is yours!!

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    I did it too for about 5 months. I just stopped last week because like Emmas, i was making no money from it and spending too much money. No one would give me my books back and no one would ring me so i couldnt see the point to it. But if you want to do it give it a go and see what you think.

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    We actually had a discussion about this at playgroup yesterday, and it was said then too the only ppl that really make money from it are the ppl that treat it like a business and do it constantly. If you have to send stuff back you have to pay for the postage etc as well which is what that 50c surcharge is meant to help cover when ppl order stuff.

    Apparently it depends on the amount of sales to get as to what percentage you make from it.


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    All the working-from-home type things are like that, so is not working from home lol! Business is business, working from home doesn't mean it's easier.
    That's not to say you can make lotsa cash - I supported my family for 2 years doing something similar.
    Set aside a certain amount of hours per day (or week) for Avon and stick to it and you are on the right path.

    good luck with it!

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    aimswervy Guest


    thanks girls, i do plan to treat it as a business, I'm just studying part-time atm so I should have enough time... hopefully
    I heard too that you have to pay for all the books/samples etc. but is that upfront? and does nebody know how much?

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    em8875 Guest

    Smile avon

    I have never done Avon but do work part time for another pp business thats sells educational books and toys. I do make money with after initial outlay little cost other than catalogues.
    If you set aside every day and manage your time well it can pay off. I am not a pushy sales women but now arrive $25 an hour. I meet lovely people and my kids use my kit and I love what I do and make a little bit of cash on the side.
    You can make money if you want to. I am sure Avon is the same . Good luck,

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    Hi I've been doing avon for a couple of months. I think the only way to get anywhere is to get yourself a territory from you district manager and cover it thoroughly. My DM said that you need to canvas with your brochures for 5 campaigns to make it thorough and to tell your householders that you are sticking around. What I do to get my books back is put a very obvious note on the front that says "Don't Throw Me Out!" Leave out for collection on FRIDAY or whatever day I am going to return. Don't leave them for more than 3 days. If you get a good district manager she will be very helpful in getting your territory done. Mine has been giving me a box of books each campaign (50 books) which is a big help. As a result I have about 15 customers from my territory with a few more that have the potential of ordering eventually. Admittedly I can't say I have been making money yet... this is because I am manipulating my order to include alot of stuff I want to try and also gets me up to the next profit level of 35%. By doing this I am getting 10% more profit on my sales and getting more things I want in place of my profit. Right now I am not doing it for the money anyhow, it's something to get me out of the house and establish a client base. Maybe someday it will make me some extra cash. It's just for fun right now.

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    I did it for a few months and it ended up costing me more than I made. With books, samples etc and people not ordering or ordering and not paying then returning products.
    I wouldnt do it.

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    i just read your question further down about paying up front.... first off it's free to join.... with your books and samples you order them with your order and all accounts are due just prior to your next order send date. So like I have an order I put in tomorrow online and I just made sure I paid the account on friday from direct debit. If you don't use the internet or direct debit for your ordering you will have to go through your assigned team leader who you go to with your orders and a cheque for payment of your previous order. This way there is no up front layout. You don't get your customers to pay until you deliver thier orders. If you are diligent and work hard at getting your books out and back I think you will find success. Don't fuss to much with getting a bunch of samples and demos as I don't think you need them. If you find that your customers are asking for samples then go ahead and get things that they are interested in. But initially just take orders from the books. There is a 100% guarantee on Avon's products so you can send anything back. You just take it to your team leader so you aren't out postage for returns. With your books during the first 5 campaigns you pay the cheapest price ($2.25 for 5) after that it's based on volume with the most you pay per book is 71 c and the cheapest 45 c each. Every order you place with the company (which is every 3 weeks) you are charged $7 shipping. You get 25c from every order processing charge (which is 50c) to help with this cost, the other 25c goes to Avon as a part of your order). Do you have someone to sign up with? If not I would be happy recommend you to Avon and they will get someone in your area to contact you.

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    My MIL did Avon for ages. She stopped not long ago, because she was making no money from it and spending her own money. So she was losing money from it.

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    Just wondeing what you ended up doing?? I used to sell Avon, and it helped me lose weight coz I didn't have a license so I was walking everywhere, but apart from that, I wasn't too impressed. Now I sell Undercoverwear and I find that I'm making an average of $400 per fortnight, and I only do a couple of parties a week, so it works for me!!

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    A late reply, but I did Avon some years ago and didnt make any money because of buying myself so many goodies, too! (So hard to resist them all!)
    I recently joined back up with them as I thought I'd give it a go since I'm just at home with bubs whereas previously I was working full time so couldnt give it the time it deserved. I got in an about 50 catalogues and a further 50 introduction flyers, went for a huge walk in my local area to drop them all off, and not one person called me! Very discouraging!
    Also, I have found Customer Service has gone very much downhill compared to what they used to be like (unless I've just been very unfortunate this time around)!
    I've now hung up my Avon hat - never to return!
    I think there are, as Sunflowa-Girlie said, other companies out there that you could do better with. (I recently spoke to a Tupperware Rep and she's doing surprisingly well and really loving it.)

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    Sorry no one rang you but they wouldn't would they. People are really too busy. You should have returned in 2-3 days time to pick them up and reuse them. I put a note saying I will return (like the Home Care and Penny Miller catalogue people do) I have about 10-11 customers out of my territory by doing that but I doubt anyone would have called me with thier orders. They want you to do all the work. Even my regular customers now wouldn't ring me with an order, I have to go by or ring them myselves. I don't make any money either but then thats not why I do it.... I like all the goodies and freebies. Getting a free Heart Eu de Parfum in my next order just for ordering the last couple campaigns.

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    *las* Guest


    I've been doing Avon for a couple of years now and about to pack it in. Orders are always shorted, or goods billed for but not delivered, customer service is terrible, still dealing with a missing item from back in October last year. It never used to be like this, but among a few other reps I've spoken to, they are all frustrated and fed up. I have a large territory but it's still not worth the little bit of pocket money you make, when you spend all the hours trudging around delivering books, then only a third of them are left out again, the cost of books and sales helpers etc.

    However, I love the products and would continue to buy them

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