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    i was working 2 jobs before i had arquene and i wasnt going back to one of them( im a bar person, and a childcare cook). but now we are having a few financial issues so i went and asked if i could go back to the childcare for a couple days a week.(i have been back at the pub for 3 months)

    do i have to go back the full 5 days? can they say its either 5 days or nothing?

    i also know the girl who they got hates it and stresses out very easily over the job so i thought job share would work in this situation!

    i asked for a years maternity leave and it would be up beginning of june.

    thanks for your help

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    Sorry I missed this hun, how did you go?

    Job sharing with the other girl sounds like a great idea.

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    im going back in 2 weeks and will be job sharing but not to where i was they are opening a new centre so i will be going there!

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