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Thread: Going back to work fulltime - need advice

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    Unhappy Going back to work fulltime - need advice


    It looks like I will be heading back to work fulltime come July
    DD will be 9 months old and I've actually already been working 3 days a week since January. There are a couple of reasons for my return to fulltime work. Firstly, (and the main reason) we are not saving a cent atm and I plan to give up working as at 30th June 09 as hopefully I will have a bubba due then and I'm going to be studying midwifery fulltime in 2010. So I figure now is a good chance to get in there and earn as much as I can for 12 months before I'm a fulltime mummy again and student. Secondly, my job really requires me here fulltime - I can't get everything done in 3 days.

    I am VERY lucky that my mum will be looking after DD, but I can't help feel very sad about all of the firsts I'm going to miss out on over the next 12 months. What if DD starts thinking that her nanna is her mummy Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get through the sadness and guilt of not being with my bubba during the week??? I just keep telling myself it's only for 12 months max.

    thanks for listening

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    Children are very smart and I doubt Charli will think her nanna is her mummy. She loves you to pieces and there is no-one in the world to take your place. You will get the precious bonding time after work with dinner, bath, storytime etc. You will be there if she wakes up during the night and needs someone to cuddle. It's hard to put her in daycare but you and DP are the centre of her world and she will not forget that.

    Also if she has been going to daycare 3 days a week, then she has some understanding at mummy or daddy will pick her up at the end of the day. She can't say it but she knows.

    I can't offer any suggestions about getting through the sadness and guilt other than to look at the reasons you are doing this. It is in the best interests of your family!! That is all that matters.

    Good luck!

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