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    Default :( I need some advice

    Well, I feel like I am Natalie Imbruglia in the Torn film clip haha

    I applied for a job at the Kingston Centre down the road.. turns out I got the job! They can give me what I want, 64 hours a fortnight and its a big company being Southern health.


    I loveeee my job atm. Love the staff, love the management especially love the residents! So sad I know. But they can only give me 5 shifts a fortnight and that isnt enough I need 8. So I was thinking of going to the DON tomorrow and telling her about this job and asking her if there was anything she could do for me so I can stay. They want to put me through training for the new aged care funding system etc.

    Although, I think this other job could take me places. I have always wanted to work at a major hospital. And Monash is a part of Southern Health so I figure that I might (in the distant future) be able to relocate to Monash. So I am leading towards taking the job. Plus its 2 mins down the road and ill save on petrol and could even walk!

    In conclusion, awww I just dont want to leave but I know in my heart its the right decision. What does everyone else think? The people at my current workplace are great and everything! *pout*

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    i know exactly what you mean...
    i was on the same place but took teh plunge and went from nursing home to hospital and nwo in general practice.

    it is a good move career wise.

    the ACFI system isnt as good as they make it sound its lots of paper work, lots of silly assesments which really tell you nothing usefull about the resident.

    you could prob still do an odd shift at the nursing home to keep your foot in the door. i do that and every now and then go and do an extra shift and help out and catch up with my old residents and meet the new ones.

    but in the end you need to do what you feel is best for you. a job 2 min down the road is easier than 20 min, save petrol, commuting time etc etc..

    think about it go and speak to the DON and see what she has to say about it she may not be able to offer you anything as teh ACFi system is actually cutting fundinga dn allocated nursing hours not improving it stupid i know but thast how they now asses the residents and what was high care is now only level 66 not 70 and its only 110 dolars a day not 150 a day and only 24 nursing hours not 39.

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