I am planning to return to work next year 2 days per week. I would like to go back to my old career in the insurance industry however I have not found many part time positions. As a plan B I would be happy to take a general admin job as long as the pay's worthwhile.

The problem I have is I will need to send my boys to child care; DS1 is already going on a Monday so I will increase him to 2 days pw and DS2 will start. The child care doesn't have a place at this stage but are confident we will be able to get 2 days for both boys next year.

So now I am not sure what to do, should I start looking for a job in Sep/Oct/Nov and state on my resume that I can't start until Jan (do you think employers would still be interested in me?), or should I start the boys in Jan and then start looking for work. The problem with starting them then finding a job is I will not be able to change the days I have them in so will only be able to look for jobs seeking someone on the 2 days (most likely Mon/Tue). What would you do??

Thanks Jaf