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Thread: My job was advertised.

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    Question My job was advertised.

    Ive been looking at the jobs section of the paper half heartedly on and off for a while and just this week I discovered my old job with someone else.

    My job is pretty specific and it doesnt really have positions come up very often. You have to wait for someone to have a baby, retire or pass away pretty much.

    I havent really thought about returning to full time work seriously but my job comes up advertised so very very rarely.

    Would you apply? Im pretty sure I wouldnt want full time work, part time Im in two minds about though and the position doesnt state... that said there is no guarentee i would get the job either...

    What would you do?

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    I thought you meant you were working and saw your job advertised.

    I guess it depends on your reasons for not working at the moment.

    No harm in applying and asking if it is a part time position i guess?

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    I thought the same thing as Junglemum - I was like "wow, that's harsh"! LOL

    I'd apply and decide what to do if I was offered the position...

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    lol; I thought the same.

    but in regards tot he job, I would apply.
    See how you go, if you get it then its up to you. You can always say no in the end.
    And by applying you dont have to worry about regretting not applying for it later down the track, especially if they jobs are hard to find!

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    Apply and see how you go.

    A job was advertised a few weeks ago in the paper that I had done as a part of my role in my position before I was working and it looked really good. I have no idea what it involves, but it sounded like a good opportunity so I applied for it. I got an interview (they moved the interview panel to another day entirely for my interview because I couldn't make the original time) and I have no idea what it involves. I am going in for the interview tomorrow so I will see how it goes, but it sounds too good to pass up even if I am not sure that I am in a position to work at all at the moment.

    Good luck, I hope you get it in the capacity you want to work it

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