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Thread: Really scared:Have i done the right thing?

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    Unhappy Really scared:Have i done the right thing?

    Hi girls,
    Well i'm really scared. I have quit work. I have to give 4 weeks notice because I've been there so long. I have never been unemployed. Nor do i have any intention of becoming so. This is the first time ever though that i have left a job with out a back up plan
    That really frightens me. I have a certificate 3 in business and extensive training with customer service. So why did i leave?
    They always stuff up my pay. It is always late and every week i get hit with 70 worth of additional bank fees because dd have come out and no money to cover them. Not to mention my disgust and emabarrasment when on Thursday i have so little in my account i cant even by a coffee.My regional manager said could we have another chance . It wont happen again(heard that before). I just said "none left". she said don't you like working for OPSM. I said "I LoVE IT" BUT "I like to get paid TOO" She had no comeback for that. She said"Your contract stipulates that you have to give us 4 weeks notice or we can keep your annual leave to the leave balance" I just thought "Grrrr". I said "I'm sure my contract also says i'll be paid weekly on time too" I do not feel any strained loyalties.I don't feel i owe them anything. I will give them 2 weeks and i know for a fact if i get a doctors certificate for the other 2 weeks there after then they have to pay me.I'm scared though as I'm the only wage earner and i have my family to support,the bills of course don't stop. I know i deserve better but will other people see that too when i go for interviews.

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    oh wow, it must be stressful being in that position.
    You are right, you do deserve to be treated better, and employers will see that when you interview for other positions.
    I hope that you're able to find something soon!

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    You have totally done the right thing. I'm pretty impressed with how you handled it!

    You, my friend will be totally FINE. Take some time to daydream about the next chapter, think of all the possibilities!!!!!!

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    What a tricky situation for you, but i do think you have probably done the right thing. If you believe that you deserve better then you do. Not being paid on time is just unacceptable - i'm sure there is something written somewhere that could at least get them to cover all those bank charges - that is ridiculous!
    I'm sure if you start looking you'll find something suitable - and if only for the interim it will still be something to pay the rent, etc. Best of luck Pollyanna, let us know how it all goes!

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    hey pollyanna how did you go?

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