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Thread: Starting a non-profit org

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    Question Starting a non-profit org

    I am carefully considering starting a non-profit charity. I have details of several websites which do offer a lot of great advice.
    But I was wondering whether anyone here has done this or looked into it or could offer some advice/thoughts?

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    What state are you in? We went through this a couple of years ago in Vic for a sporting thing. You need to find a group of like minded people and then get on to the consumer affairs web site to register the organisation and you will need a set of rules. There is a sample set on the web site that you can follow and amend if needed. The rules for amending them are also in the rules! This will ensure that you become an assoiation limited by incorporation and you get your name registered. One of you will need to be a public officer (pretty easy, send in the annual accounts and fill in a form, also be there if someone wants to sue the organisation).

    If you want to fundraise then that is a whole new set of rules!

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    Maybe let us know a little more about it so that we could tailor advice.

    There is often funding available from govt agencies and as Petals said, consumer affairs are generally pretty helpful.

    The thing that you have to be careful of is covering yourself if anything goes wrong. Not saying that anything is going to but if it isn't set up properly and someone gets hurt or you do something dodgy (inadvertantly of course) it could be you that they come after to fix it.

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