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Thread: Wearing make-up to work?

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    i used to have a full face of make up (not caked on.. but the whole concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara & lipgloss) but when i stopped working when i was pregnant.. the make up stopped, as i had a terrible break out of pimples @ about 36 weeks.

    now i just use mascara, blush & lip gloss!!

    oh, and im a lip smackers lover! very high school i know1 but i love it1 i also have vaseline in a tube, which i also love!

    good luck with your job!

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    less is more unless your job is at the lancome counter at Myer.
    Go with what you feel confortable wearing, and then take your cue from the other staff there as to what is the norm fro the work place.
    I work in a professional occupation, but few of the women at work wear any makeup at all, and those who do wear a very minimal amount. Including the front desk reception staff.

    Different workplaces have different cultures and 'norms' so dress up for the first day and then see whats the norm.

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