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Thread: What to write on letter

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    Question What to write on letter

    I am about to start the job hunt (you may have seen my previous post about not being able to return after maternity leave). Besides the usual job employment agencies, I thought I would send a letter around to a few businesses stating my availablity to work. We live in a pretty small town so I am hoping that i may be know to a few of the businesses around here (as in "there is that lovely girl who has worked at that place for 11 years - we would love to hire her ). I don't want to send out the standard resume, because I know we used to get a fair few of them and if you are having a busy day or there is nothing available at the time, they used to get put to one side and forgotten about. I was going to send out a letter, stating my work history and availability etc but don't know how to begin it.. All I can think of is 'hi my name is emma and I am looking for work'. Not very eye catching! Does anyone have any ideas? I was sort of hoping to go for the bright and breezy angle - so it would stick in their minds

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    Maybe do a newsletter style or something that highlights your abilities through its design? What kind of work are you after?

    Instead of posting it in, I'd also drop it in personally, and meet with any contacts you have, just to reinforce yourself.

    Good luck!

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