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    Default Work-based apprenticeships

    Well, I dunno if this goes is study or employment? I'll put it here for now, as it has more to do with employment.

    Shel has always wanted to do an apprenticeship... motor mechanic... but it just seems that the longer she leaves it, the harder it is consider. She is ok where she is, cleaning supervisor at Australia Zoo, she gets an ok wage, but this past few days sh*t has hit the fan with some of her staff, and honestly from what I hear from a few of the other workers, there are 3 people making life difficult and acting like children and she has had enough. It has been brewing for a while, but now they've gotten really narky, starting rumours about this person sleeping with that person, the Shel is sleeping with some woman on her staff, these 3 have been suspected of stealing from the shops... she's just had enough of it, they really are like school children.

    So now she's decided to look into an apprenticeship...

    Now, I knew apprentices weren't paid well... but when I look up a first year apprenticeship wage, it says it's about $300 per week, FULL TIME!?!?!?! That's less than half of what she's making now... is that right? Is that even legal? She MAY be eligible for Austudy, depending on how much they reduce the payments once you hit the $236 per fortnight income limit.

    Anyone who has done an apprenticeship recently, or who has a partner who has... how did/do you manage? What do you suggest. I know, once the 4 years are up, Shel would be a fully qualified mechanic, able to start her own business and everything and earn so much more... plus she'll be so much happier doing something she wants to and enjoys... and the perfect job has just opened up... it just seems really hard for 4 years, especially since bubble is due next year and if I don't work for at least 6 months (which I'm hoping not too, at LEAST for 6 months...) managable, just, I think, but really hard.

    Any advice, opinions?

    *sigh* She tells me not to stress... and yet wants to go do an apprenticeship for less than half the money she's earning now!

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    if it makes her happy , then go for it ... the government should subsidise any income ... we alteast i hope they would ...
    my dh is a mechanic and he never got paid that little amount... his work always pays above award wage .... so its a matter of shopping around for an apprenticeship at the right place ...

    if you want any more questions answered , im sure i could ask DH all about it , coz he once was a mechanic apprentice ... and now that he is qualified his earnings are much better

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    I did an apprenticeship when I was a wee 20 yr old so it doesnt really apply here but when I was doing it my employee paid me above the rate because he believed no one could live on the pittance that was offered.
    I was talking to my brother the other day who over looks a few adult apprentice plumbers he said if they work at a Saturday they usually take home about $500 a week. Adult apprentices get more monetry support to the employer.

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    You may be wise to get in touch with a local Registered Training Organisation.......the Qld Chamber of Commerce will be able to give you a local list. Or NTIS....(National Training Information Service) has online directories of all RTO's.

    RTO's often recruit and place into apprentices in all trades.......they work closely with the Australian Apprenticeship area of the govt, and have a lot of additional funding. It means that if you get hooked up with an apprenticeship or traineeship that the RTO takes care of all of the administration of the scheme rather than an employer. The employer needs to sign a contract, which generally means that the conditions and training and assessment are maintained and monitored.

    Not sure if that helps any?

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    I started my apprenticeship in NSW in 2003 and I completed my motor mechanic apprenticeship in April this year in VIC and depending on the state you do the apprenticeship the pay rates vary. I started mine when i was 18 and completed it at 22.

    I know in NSW apprentices over 21 (mature) 1st year motor mechanic apprentices get more money than an under 21 1st year motor mechanic apprentices, i dont know how QLD apprentices get paid. Plus NSW Govt pay apprentices a bonus/grant to buy tools with for the first 2 or 3 years (cant remember as this bit came in after i had started)

    When i was a 1st yr i was getting $225 a week, luckily i still lived at home, but the pays have risen alot in the last 4 years.

    I hope some of this has made sense, and if you still have questions you need answered maybe try this website Queensland Apprenticeship Services (QAS - Queensland Apprenticeship Services - Home) and contact them and they should be able to help

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    I have just completed my apprenticeship and some places do have adult wages (higher than junior apprentices). You do need to ask employer if they have them. Generally state government apprenticeship do.

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    Hi and congratulations...haven't been around for a bit and missed the news!
    My DH is starting a mature age apprenticeship in January however his employer has agreed to pay above the adult minimum wage which is what mature age get...check out the govt website and give them a call, I found them really helpful. Best of luck xxx

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